Matt Gaffney’s Daily Crossword (MGDX) Launches

My new subscription service, Matt Gaffney’s Daily Crossword (MGDX), launches today. An all-new 10×10 mini-themed crossword delivered to you via e-mail every morning for $24/$18/$12/$6 for 12/6/3/1 month(s).

Check out a free sample (and sign up to receive a free week) here. And see what makes these puzzles’ mini-themes interesting here.

WSJ Contest Crosswords

Exciting news: starting this week, the Wall Street Journal will publish a contest crossword every Friday. I’ll be writing half of them myself, alternating Fridays with an extremely capable group of constructors chosen by WSJ puzzle editor Mike Shenk. The first puzzle is here.

New to contest crosswords? Check out my how-to guide here.